Beginning Your Practice

If you are interested in our dojo, we recommend observing a class before you decide to get on the mat.
If you choose to join us, you will be welcome to practice for your first month free of charge.  If you decide to stay after that period, you will be asked to begin paying monthly dues (see here).
In our dojo, all members practice together regardless of rank.  At first, you will be paired with higher ranked students until you are comfortable with the practice. We respect the fact that everyone has their own reasons for studying Aikido, and we make a strong effort to welcome new members at a pace which they find safe and comfortable.

Reminder Please arrive about 30 minutes before your first class, you will need to fill out a standard assumption of risk waiver before you are allowed to train. Wear comfortable clothing such as sweatclothes. Please, no jewelry, perfume, cologne, or shorts on the mat. A gi (uniform) can be purchased at the dojo.
Minimum Age Classes are for adults (18 and above). A separate program is available at Aikido West for Children and Teens.

3164 Bay Road, Redwod City, CA 94061

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Beginners' Handbook

We know you will have many questions. After 50+ years of training, Doran Sensei has probably heard every possible question asked. Sensei wrote the Beginners’ Handbook to answer your questions efficiently. He recommends that if you have the time, you become familiar with the Beginners' Handbook before attending your first class.


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